we exist in an interconnected web of living art.


Molly Upchurch

E-RYT 500, YACEP, MS Sustainability, feng shui consultant

We are all in a constant state of change, and we are all connected. When these realities are embraced, we can see and feel that we exist in an interconnected web of living art. Yoga helps us understand this on an interpersonal level so that we can stay steady in the flow of life. Through feng shui, we can consciously reflect ourselves in our environments, which supports our evolution and vitality. 

Through the ancient wisdom and practices of yoga, ayurveda, and feng shui we have the opportunity to see from a refreshed point of view, one that gives us the chance to make both major and subtle shifts and refine ourselves while positively impacting the good of all. 

The yoga and feng shui sessions I guide blend the benefits of building energy and enhancing calmness. The purpose of these sessions is to restore deep energetic reservoirs and illuminate inner harmony, supporting the journey toward reaching full potential. 

Certifications/Degrees: Currently journeying through Pampamesayok Shaman School Yoga. Received teacher certifications from White Lotus Foundation (2007) and the Samudra School of Living Yoga (2014). Feng Shui Consultant Certification from The Western School of Feng Shui (2002). Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee (1995). Master of Science in Sustainability from Lipscomb University (2015).