Live with Intention. Create Your Sanctuary. 

Combining yogic philosophy with the wisdom of feng shui gives us the power to create home/work sanctuaries that are supportive of who we are now and that can change intentionally as we continue to evolve. 

Our home/work environments have the potential to be a supportive reflection of our highest self, our fertile foundation for growing into the person we are dreaming to be. Anchors in our environments in form of intelligently placed art, objects, color, and textures support self-evolution and promote us to move into our full potential. Intentional design keeps our home/work spaces fresh and relevant to who we are and also anchors who we are becoming. 

By first tapping into our current state of balance, it’s simple to see the areas where self-refinement is possible. From there, the tools and techniques from the ancient practices and philosophies of yoga and feng shui give us the perfect elixirs to anchor intentions in our home and work spaces, moving us into a balanced flow of life. When we enhance our internal balance, we bring balance to the whole web of the world.

Three Principles of Intentional Design: We are constantly evolving // Everything has a vibrational energy // We are interconnected //

As your Guide for Creating Sanctuary, I am here to support you in building sanctuary for foundational strength, reclaiming creative flow, lighting the fire of intention, clearing and expanding the space of the heart, activating voice, honing intuition, and opening to spirit. 

Home Balancing session: 2 hours/$300

In this session, I will support you in building your own home/work sanctuary. Together we will explore spaces in your home/work environment to clear, enhance, and regenerate energy flow, accessing techniques from the ancient wisdom of feng shui and yogic philosophy. 

Sessions include: 

  • Recommendations for clutter clearing
  • Locating and removing any stagnant or negative energy
  • Suggestions of chi enhancement by moving furniture and art placement, through color, and by balancing the elements of the space
  • Anchoring intentions through placement of sacred objects 
  • Recommendations for crystals, herbs, movement practices, and mantras for energetic balancing.

follow-up home balancing session: 1 hour/$150

In this session, we will check in with the progress of the clearing and enhancements that have been made. Additional support will be given for the continued balancing of your inner and outer landscape.

REal estate enhancement session: 2 hours/$300

In this session, space will be cleared and enhancements will be made to properties for sale. Intentions will be set for the space to support attraction of buyers and harmony in transition of ownership.

Sessions include:

  • Recommendations for clutter clearing
  • Floor plan and furniture placement will be assessed
  • Energetic stagnation or negativity will be removed 

business intention session:$250/hour

In Business Intention sessions, the current state of energy in the business will be assessed. From there, clearing will happen, and intentions will be anchored.  

Sessions include:

  • Blocks or stagnation removed
  • Recommendations for layout/furniture placement for optimal space flow
  • Clarification of business goals/intentions
  • Enhance workplace culture and collaboration
  • Intentions will be anchored 

To schedule Intentional Design sessions: